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  • MRR weighs in…

    More reviews, this time from Maximum Rocknroll #321.

    “Flex Time” EP
    The AIRFIX KITS song “Flex Time” on their demo was one of the best I’d heard all year. It sounds slightly different on here; they slowed the pace and it sounds altogether looser. It’s not quite as great a listen as the demo version, but good. The two songs on the B-side are fantastic. AIRFIX KITS has some of the same members of GIANT HAYSTACKS, and this most resembles GIANT HAYSTACKS on the A Rebirth Of Our City EP, a record I really liked. I really like this record, too. Not as static or angular as some of GIANT HAYSTACKS’ WIRE-influence stuff–a bit poppier. Great. (P$) (Paul Lucich)

    “Playing Both Sides/Leaving”
    The Bay Area’s AIRFIX KITS, rising from the ashes of the sadly underappreciated GIANT HAYSTACKS, has finally delivered their vinyl debut in the form of two 7″ singles. This one, on the ever-reliable Dirtnap label, is the superior platter in this reporter’s opinion. The pair of tunes here are reminiscent of the HAYSTACKS, although less angular and more traditional. More JAM and less GANG OF FOUR, I suppose. The A-side lodges itself in your brain with the help of an exceptionally strong, choppy main riff-one of McNaughton’s best-while the flip delivers an almost surprising “na-na-na” chorus refrain. As for the lyrics… GIANT HAYSTACKS’ songs were often vague, and AIRFIX KITS has a similar approach. “Playing Both Sides” though, deals with stereotypical gender roles in a pretty ambiguous way: “She’s playing both sides / She’s messing with your mind.” I dunno, interpersonal relationships are complex and difficult, not really anything that can be summed up in a couple verses of a punk song, but for the audience’s sake, maybe this one could have benefitted from some clarification; otherwise it risks coming off as subtly sexist… (CS) (Chris Hubbard)

    What’s wrong with being sexy???

    We also made it onto quite a few of the staff top ten lists, but we can put that down to bribing our mates. Corruption is rife.
    Incidentally the issue with the reviews in is the Photo Issue, and it’s well worth checking out. Ricky Adam, who took the pic on the cover of “Playing Both Sides”, has a page of punk pix.

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  • Flex Time review from Spain

    The reviews are trickling in, here’s one from a Spanish blogger named TerminalPicnic:

    Airfix Kits son el claro ejemplo que muestra como hacer algo semejante a una de las mejores bandas que habrá jamás (MINUTEMEN) sin ser un verdadero coñazo. 2 ex- GIANT HAYSTACKS tienen la culpa. Muy recomendable.

    My wife claims that this translates to something like:

    Airfix Kits is a clear example of how to do something like one of the best bands that never was (Minutemen) without being a total drag. 2 Ex-Giant Haystacks are to blame. Highly recommended.

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  • Short notice: Show on Jan 9th in SF, All Ages!

    From Ryan Fettes:

    “The first and best party of the Newest Year. You should pretty much clear your calendar from here out because nothing is going to top this event. After next Saturday night Consider 2010 over.

    Airfix Kits
    Gestapo Khazi (Long Beach)
    The Switch-ups (Long Beach)
    Catholic Radio
    The Better Maker

    Holy Sea Music LAUNCH PARTY. I filed my business license with City Hall – let’s party. 5 bands for a $5 DONATION to the cause. Feel free to give more.”

    You know, for the cause…
    In case you were wondering, Gestapo Khazi are awesome.
    It goes down at Lower Deck Gallery, 2295 3rd St in San Francisco. 8pm. It’ll be over by Midnight.

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  • Kamikaze Tailspin

    Not sure who does this blog but they said some very nice things about us. Thanks!

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  • Foreigners Please Read

    We want everyone all over the world to be able to enjoy our fine recorded output. However, the postage-paid price for our records as advertised on this website and on our MySpace page is for US Orders Only… Both Dirtnap and Deranged have pretty good distribution but if you can’t find the records in your country feel free to get in touch for overseas postage. The dollar is so weak that chances are the postage won’t seem that expensive.

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  • Flex Time 7″


    Flex Time 7″

    Released December 2009

    Deranged Records dy154

    Side A:

    • Flex Time

    Side B:

    • 80’s Asthetic
    • 21 Hot Knives

    Recorded Dec 2008 by Craigums, Dutch Oven, Alameda CA.

    What they say:

    “When GIANT HAYSTACKS parted ways a few years back, two of the three members went on to form AIRFIX KITS. The three songs found on this debut 7” are pretty consistent with the aforementioned band with a heavy MINUTEMEN influence by way of UK post punk ala WIRE/GANG OF FOUR.” – Deranged

    “1 of 2 new 7″ EPs by this new San Francisco band that features 2/3 of the recently-deceased Giant Haystacks. We played with them in SF this summer so I’ve been anticipating this for a while… while the Haystacks played up the Minutemen influence, the Airfix Kits just play straight-up, catchy, old-school punk… the kind of thing that could have come out on Good Vibrations, Raw, or a similar label in late-70s Britain. This is a great EP that will have all of us old punk connoisseurs bobbing along endlessly.” – Sorry State

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  • Playing Both Sides 7″

    Playing Both Sides

    Playing Both Sides 7″

    Released November 2009

    Dirtnap Records ZZZ-86

    Side A:

    • Playing Both Sides

    Side B:

    • Leaving

    Recorded Dec 2008 by Craigums, Dutch Oven, Alameda CA.

    What they say:

    “Tense working class post-punk from San Francisco. Debut release from 2/3rds ex Giant Haystacks. As much as we liked that band, this new incarnation is even better, hookier and more direct. Minutemen meets Wire with a distinct DIY sensibility. Or, as the band describes themselves, “Gang Of Four getting rat-arsed on cider and covering the entire Strength Through Oi! comp.” That’ll work too.” – Dirtnap

    “From Oakland, Airfix Kits pulls from late ’70s punk bands like the Adverts and Richard Hell to deliver modern bubblegum-tinged punk anthems. This song will certainly resonate with anyone who’s had a heart broken by a two-timer.” – Portland Mercury

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  • Gigs in January and February

    You’ve been waiting a long time for another chance to see Airfix Kits in a live environment. Well now you have two chances.

    Thursday Jan 21st at Sub-Mission (Mission & 18th, formerly Balazo)

    MRR Presents: Vacuum (last show), Needles, Airfix Kits, some others. All Ages.

    Friday February 19th at the Hemlock, Polk Street

    Ingot Rot, Tropical Sleep, Airfix Kits. 21 & Over.

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  • Records

    We finally have some records.

    “Flex Time” EP on Deranged Records.

    “Playing Both Sides/Leaving” 45 on Dirtnap Records out of Portland. The Portland Mercury said something about Richard Hell, The Adverts, and bubblegum.

    You can figure out where to buy these probably.

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