‘Flex Time’ review from King Of The Gigabitches

  • We got this nice review from Eric, King of the Gigabitches:

    “Airfix Kits – Flextime. This was described to me as Minutemen meets Gang of Four, and I can see where that comes from. This EP is three excellent “post punk” songs that move along at a really fast clip. Flextime is an ode to a shitty job that let’s you come and go at your leisure and about how almost anything in your day is worth it for that freedom. I’ve never worked flextime but yeah it sounds pretty heavenly. There’s a strong pop element with clap percussion and background “la la la” that will have you happily bopping along at your current, non-flextime job. Rounding out the B-Side are 80s Aesthetic, which I took to be kind of ironic given their sound. The final track is 21 Hot Knives, a song built for screaming at the top of your lungs at concerts spilling beer over your hands as you dance around manically gripping a pint and smiling manically. I got my copy from Sorry State Records but it’s available directly from the band for $5. I’ve ordered the other EP they have and looking forward to it.”

    Thanks Eric.

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